Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal: Now Hiring!

Now Hiring for Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal: Now Hiring!

We’re hiring! And we want you to join our team of certified commercial roofing and sheet metal professionals!

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal prides itself on our solid foundation of: Integrity, Dependability, Quality, and Responsibility. Think you’ve got what it takes to uphold our principles? Then apply today to be a part of an industry leader with expertise spanning generations! Visit the Contact Us page to learn more!

Cornell is also a proud member of KC’s Roofers Local 20 Union. We work with our local union to maintain a high standard of quality when hiring our commercial roofers, always looking to provide new opportunities for men and women who want to join our ranks. Cornell Roofing and Sheet metal started as a family business in 1927 and has kept the roots and values of being a family business to this day. Our president, Mary McNamara, continues to lead our company  “The Cornell Way” with strong and resilient leadership and great support from the entire Cornell team.

We also offer a robust internal referral program for current employees to recommend top talent! We believe your experience and work ethic speak for you, which is why referrals are so important! Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal employees can earn $100 if a candidate submitted is hired and another $350 when that candidate celebrates his/her first year at Cornell!

As a team, Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal is committed to:

  • Finishing all projects we start, on time and on budget;
  • Giving each project a relentless amount of attention to even the smallest detail;
  • Using the best products available;
  • Never cutting a single corner;
  • And to maintain our status as the commercial roofing and sheet metal company you can depend on.

So, if you or someone you know believe you can succeed  “The Cornell Way”, apply today! Promises made. Promises kept.

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