Retrofitting Old to New for Commercial Roofing

Driver's side view of crane

Retrofitting Old to New for Commercial Roofing

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal is committed to more than just “Going Green”. At Cornell, we focus on a more than just talking the talk. We walk the walk by installing green commercial roof systems and focusing on three principle: Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle. Which is just what we did when it came time to replace some of our bigger equipment.

Commercial roofing often, if not always, requires the use of crane. Whether it’s moving supplies or placing a support, cranes are a necessary part of the commercial roofing job; and like any other piece of equipment, there comes a time to say, “out with the old and in with the new”. But at Cornell, we say “why not reuse?

We recognize the importance of not just complying with existing environmental regulations but also staying ahead of the curve by tirelessly working to maintain standards, best practices, and continuing education. So, when it came time to say goodbye to our old crane, we opted to retrofit another!

Along with Utility One Source, a local truck dealer / supplier, we worked on taking an older, used truck and retrofitting it to meet our needs into a larger and farther-reaching crane. With our newest addition to the equipment team, we’ll be able to handle heavier loads and bigger projects, still upholding our industry-leading environmental and recycling standards. All while giving our customer the commercial roof system that exceeds their expectations and minimizes the effects we have on the environment!

As of April 13th, our new crane is ready to hit the test pad and then the pavement to help with our upcoming Spring projects! To learn more about our Reuse Program, check out Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal’s Environmental Policy.

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