Drones in Kansas City Commercial Roofing

Kansas City Commercial roofing drones The basic premise of a drone is simple: To gather data. Drones gather data through taking high definition aerial photos and videos, going quite literally above and beyond to capture images that provide commercial roofing companies with valuable information concerning architecture, damage assessment and building details. The drone has since become an invaluable tool, saving commercial roofing companies hundreds of hours in time and money delivering bids by scoping out roof dimensions, conditions, material and other important information.


Specifically, drones deliver value to commercial roofing companies by providing:

  1. Accurate space estimates and roof conditions;
  2. Less liability and safer solutions on a number of traditional on-site tasks;
  3. Money savings, which means a better ROI.

And they’re fun!

Providing estimates when some areas of the roof are hard to access is a great example of where a drone can help.  Since men can’t fly, the drone is a perfect solution for reaching most areas to provide accurate and precise estimates to get the job done. However, they can’t replace the accuracy that comes from having an actual commercial roofer on your roof. Presently drones cannot core cut, which means they can’t see what’s beneath that first layer, where often there can be hidden issues.

On the plus side, commercial roofers can estimate with better accuracy using the drone’s ability to gather both general and specific information on the project. Drones lessen liability risks by keeping roofers out of problem areas during the initial project scope.

Drones record critical information from a bird’s eye view providing a great ROI when compared to sending out estimators and teams to accomplish the same bid tasks.

Most drones are often relatively inexpensive for businesses. They take less time to gather the initial data, saving valuable hours for estimators to focus on the work at hand. Some drones can even fly using a predetermined route through the use of software or other technology. And, did we mention they are fun to fly!

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal knows that even the best technology can’t replace the hard work and dedication of our roofers and sheet metal workers. With 90 years of projects under our belt, we are proud of every project we complete and the men and women who get the job done. As an industry leader, Cornell also welcomes the latest in technology and products to help get the job done right, on time, on budget and with the safety of our staff always a top priority.

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